For our two laundries, we have chosen washing machines and dryers from Speed Queen company, which is the world's number one in the market of self-service laundries. They are especially unique with their large-volume stainless steel drums, where you can wash up to 18 kg of laundry at one time. In our laundries, you can also wash everything which does not fit into your household washing machine - blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, but also mattress covers and curtains.

There is no need to bring your detergents and fabric softener. Our washing machines are equipped with an automatic detergent dispenser, which is already included in the price.

In addition, your laundry is cleaned along with the machine with disinfectant on a natural basis during the washing process, thanks to which no dirt is picked up in stainless steel drums.

1x Speed Queen ST050 Dryer
capacity 25 kg
recommended drying time 20-30 minutes Sušička Speed Queen ST050
1x Speed Queen SUT030 dryer
capacity 2 x 14 kg
recommended drying time 20-30 minutes Sušička Speed Queen SUT030
3x Speed Queen NF3 washer
capacity 10 kg
wash time 30 - 35 minutes
max. spin 440 G - Factor Pračka Speed Queen NF3
1x Washing Machine Speed Queen SY180
capacity 18 kg
wash time 40 - 50 minutes
max. Centrifugation 400 G - Factor Pračka Speed Queen SY180