With us you can wash up to 48 kg of laundry at one time!

Is there a great cleaning coming? Do you want to wash clothes after the winter season? Or have you just come back from holiday with full suitcases of dirty laundry? No problem for us! You can wash up to 48kg of laundry at once, all will be washed in an hour, and dried by our modern appliances. There are 1 large and 3 smaller washing machines available, followed by 1 large and 2 smaller dryers.

Washing and drying in our laundries are very simple, professional and, moreover, much cheaper than cleaning in the dry cleaners. While washing and drying, you can read, surf the internet for free on WIFI, relax or do everything you need and come back after finishing the wash cycle.

Our washing machines and dryers are equipped with large-capacity stainless steel drums, so you can wash up to 18 kg at one time in one machine.

During the wash cycle, the organic detergent and softener are automatically dispensed, both included in the price. So you do not have to bring and buy your own washing powder, everything is available for you. You will save time and money!

We keep our washing machines clean for each of you. During washing, in addition to detergent, a disinfectant on a natural basis is added, and this protects not only the washing machine but also your laundry.